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Kirk J. Gay

General Info

Year of Publication: 2005
Publisher: Tapspace
Level: Intermediate
Duration: 00:04:20
Cost: $14.00


Based on themes from Mahler's 7th Symphony, Kirk J. Gay's Farfenmarch is an enjoyable solo for four timpani. Various sections contrast from march style to adagio and make full utilization of all four drums. Glissandi effects are used occasionally as well as a few areas of minor pedaling. Requires four timpani, Farfenmarch is currently on the group 1 solo list for the Florida Bandmasters Association and will provide a great selection for recitals, festivals, or juries.

Books for Percussion by this Composer

Gay, Kirk J. Pedal to the Kettle. Portland, OR: Tapspace Publications, LLC, 2009.

Works for Percussion by this Composer

Fear Cage
Mysterious Barrier
Overture for Timpani