Finding Fossils (Version 1)

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Anders Åstrand

General Info

Publisher: GPN Publishing
Cost: $50.00





Player 1: Crotales 1
Player 2: Crotales 2
Player 3: Glockenspiel 1
Player 4: Glockenspiel 2
Player 5: Xylophone 1
Player 6: Xylophone 2
Player 7: Vibraphone 1
Player 8: Vibraphone 2
Player 9: Vibraphone 3
Player 10: Vibraphone 4
Player 11: Marimba 1
Player 12: Marimba 2
Player 13: Marimba 3
Player 14: Marimba 4
Player 15: Finger Cymbals & Suspended Cymbal
Player 16: Finger Cymbals & Bongos
Player 17: Finger Cymbals & Udu Drum


Composing music is comparable to finding fossils. You come across some specimens you like, and realize there must be more just as nice. After a while you have quite a nice collection, and you quest for more becomes more intense and energetic. Some hours later your bag is filled with specimens that give you great pride, and you feel that you really must share these with your friends. The first discovery of Finding Fossils was an improvisation that became the foundation or core idea for the piece. The second "find" was the melody, which came as a logical continuation of the initial improvisation. The piece was commissioned by Professor James Campbell and the percussion ensemble at the University of Kentucky in 2001, and was first performed in Nashville, Tennessee at PASIC. It was composed to include all of the percussion majors at UK as well as the Director of Jazz Studies and Saxaphone/Flute plater Miles Osland.

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