Gene Krupa Drum Method

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Gene Krupa

General Info

Year: 1938
Edition: 1st edition
Publisher: Alfred
Cost: Book Cost - $0.00   |   Supplemental Books - $0.00


Gene Krupa is one of the most fascinating drummers the world has yet to see, one of the earliest people to be a professional drum set performer. Written in 1938 this is the first drum set method book and is devoted to help understand the mechanics of rudimental and military snare drumming (the playing style of the day). Provided in the first ten or so pages are very detailed and specific instructions featuring photographs that elaborate on the technique. Afterwards, the examples flood in with more instruction on the instrument itself making small interjections.


Student Reviews

"This book will not tell you what grooves you should know or, really have all that much provided as for exercises, but it is the most in-depth book on “How” to play. With little assistance required". - Denver Ridgway


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Krupa, Gene. Gene Krupa Drum Method. Alfred Publishing Co., 1938.

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