Groningen, Dirkjan van

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Dirkjan van Groningen


Born: 1971

Country: Zwolle, The Netherlands




Dirkjan van Groningen is a professional percussionist, educator, arranger and composer from Zwolle, The Netherlands. You may know him from his arrangements and compositions for (marching) band and percussion ensemble, which are widely used in Europe. In addition, America has also started to discover his music more and more lately. As an educator he’s teaching drums and percussion at Quintus center for art education. As a drummer and percussionist he’s active in various bands and occasional ensembles in The Netherlands and abroad. Since his method books are available in various languages, he’s regularly asked for clinics throughout Europe. To transfer his knowledge and know-how he has been visiting Germany, Belgium, France, Italy and Poland in recent years. Dirkjan is creative director of Concert & Marching Music Europe & Band Music Center USA. He’s endorsed by Soultone Cymbals, Salyers Percussion and Evans Drumheads.[1]

Books for Percussion

Snare Drum Basis (Book 1)
Snare Drum Basis (Book 2)
Recital Pieces for Snare Drum (Book 1)
Recital Pieces for Snare Drum (Book 2)
Recital Pieces for Bass Drum & Cymbals (Book 1)
Recital Pieces for Bass Drum & Cymbals (Book 2)
Recital Pieces for Multi Toms (Book 1)
Recital Pieces for Multi Toms (Book 2)

Works for Percussion

Beyond the Even Horizon - Percussion Ensemble; 14 Players
Desperation Valley - Percussion Ensemble; 12 Players
Inner Contradictions - Percussion Ensemble; 13 Players
Unlocked Energy - Percussion Ensemble; 14 Players