Haefeli, Alex

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Composer Name


Born: December 19, 1938

Country: Mümliswil, Solothurn, Switzerland


Teachers: Willy von Burg

Works for Percussion

Beat Samba - Percussion Octet
Bolero for drums (Haefieli) - Percussion Septet
Boogie-Woogie for Drums - Percussion Octet
Calypsambo - Percussion Octet
Charleston for drums - Percussion Octet
Dialog (Haefieli) - Percussion Trio
ds'Bärner Oberland - Percussion Nonet
Duell - Percussion Duo
Fantasie modern - Percussion Trio
Fil rouge - Percussion Trio
Holiday (Haefieli) - Percussion Trio
Ithaca - Percussion Trio
Karneval in Rio - Percussion Octet
La Bamba (Haefieli) - Percussion Octet
Marmaka - Percussion Trio
Schlag auf Schlag - Percussion Quartet
Swing Drums - Percussion Nonet
Swing-Swing - Percussion Octet
Team-Geischt - Percussion Trio
Teamwork (Haefieli) - Percussion Trio
Trio (Stenlewa) - Percussion Trio
Trommel-Feuerwerk - Percussion Trio