Harry Breuer's Ragtime Solos

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Harry Breuer

General Info

Year: 20
Duration: c.
Difficulty: Advanced
Publisher: GIA Publications
Cost: $29.95


1. Mallets Ala Zurke
2. Rag Doll Rag
3. Temptation Revamp
4. Waltz in Ragtime
5. Joplin on Wood


Player 1: Xylophone / Marimba / Vibraphone
Player 2: Piano

Program Notes

Five original solos with piano accompaniment by a multi-faceted composer/performer and historically significant mallet soloist. These five pieces are fun to play, fun to listen to, and will surely add to any concert or recital program, as well as repertoire for solo performances of any nature.




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Works for Percussion by this Composer

Back Talk - Xylophone; Marimba; Marimba Quartet
Bit O'Rhythm - Xylophone; Piano
Blue Tid Bit - Xylophone; Marimba Trio
Boomerang - Xylophone
Chokin' The Bell - Vibraphone
Fiesta Waltz - Xylophone
Four Stick Joe - Xylophone; Marimba Trio
Harry Breuer's Mallet Solo Collection - Xylophone; Piano
Imitation - Vibraphone
Improvisation No.1 - Marimba
Improvisation No.2 - Marimba
La Cumparsita - Mallets
Minor Movement - Xylophone; Marimba Trio
On the Woodpile - Xylophone; Piano
Powder Puff - Xylophone; Piano
Ragtime Solos - Xylophone; Marimba; Piano
Reminiscing for Vibes - Vibraphone

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