Helble, Raymond

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Raymond Helble


Born: February 03, 1949

Country: New Jersey, USA

Studies: University of Rochester’s Eastman School

Teachers: Samuel Adler, Warren Benson, Joseph Schwantner

Raymond Helble (b. Feb. 3, 1949) began his composing at the age of 10 and conducting at 12. Although self-taught in composition, and never having had a private music lesson, he was accepted at Julliard, the Manhattan School of Music, and the Eastman School due to his highly developed technique.

Mr. Helble did his undergraduate and graduate studies at Eastman. His teachers included Samuel Adler, Warren Benson, and Joseph Schwantner. His musical education also included conducting studies with Willis Page and Walter Hendle.

Mr. Helble's music is recognized for its technical excellence, distinctive motivic material, contrapuntal dexterity, and highly polished finish, whether he writes in a tonal, modal, atonal, or serial manner.

Due to his long association with Leigh H. Stevens, Helble has produced a large set of works for the marimba that are considered standard repertoire. [1]

Works for Percussion

Concertare - Percussion Ensemble (12)
Concertare, Op. 41a - Percussion Ensemble (12)
Concertare, Op. 41b - Percussion Duo - Marimba Duo
Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra (Helble) - Marimba; Orchestra
Concerto for Marimba and Percussion Ensemble Op. 21 - Marimba; Percussion Ensemble
Diabolic Variations - Percussion Ensemble (10)
Dragon of Wyckham Op. 47 - Marimba; Concert Band
Duo Concertante Op. 11 - Marimba; Violin
Duo Concertante Op. 54 - Marimba; Vibraphone
Goblin Dance Op. 24 - Marimba
Grand Fantasy in C Major - Marimba
Hynos I Op. 49 - Percussion Ensemble
Hypnos II Op. 58 - Percussion Ensemble
Legend of Faust Op. 32 - Large Percussion Ensemble
Marimba Concerto in a Op. 34 - Marimba; Chamber Orchestra
Movement for Marimba and Harpsichord Op. 5 - Marimba; Harpsichord
Movements for Marimba and String Quartet - Marimba; String Quartet
Multum in Parvis Op. 61 - Percussion Ensemble
Night Music Op. 62 - Timpani; Percussion Quartet
Nocturne Op. 20 - Marimba; Clarinet
Passacaglia for Percussion Ensemble Op. 7 - Percussion Ensemble (10)
Prelude and Rondo Op. 59 - Percussion Ensemble
Preludes for Marimba No's. 1, 2, 3 Op. 1 - Marimba
Preludes for Marimba No's. 4, 5, 6 Op. 3 - Marimba
Preludes for Marimba Nos. 7, 8, 9, Op.14 - Marimba
Preludes for Marimba Nos. 10. 11, 12, Op.28 - Marimba
Preludes for Marimba Nos. 13. 14, 15, Op.37 - Marimba
Quintetto alla Beethoven - Marimba; String Quartet
SilverWood Op. 66 - Marimba; Flute
Sonare Op. 68 - Percussion Ensemble
Sonata Brevis for Solo Vibraphone - Vibraphone
The Well-Tempered Marimbist (Book 1 and 2) - Marimba
Theme and Six Variations - Marimba
Three Etudes for Five Tympani Op. 10 - Timpani
Toccata Fantasy in e-flat minor - Marimba