Introducing Percussion

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Mark Aldous, Peter Evans & Lorne Pearcey

General Info

Year: 2019
Level: Initial to Grade 1
Instrumentation: Snare Drum, Timpani & Tuned Percussion
Publisher: Trinity College London Press
Cost: $17.92
Pages: 40
ISBN: 978-0-7579-7928-6


Introducing Percussion is a comprehensive beginners’ introduction to the three main orchestral percussion disciplines: snare drum, timpani and tuned percussion. It can be used to develop skills on any one instrument, or all three disciplines alongside one another. The performance pieces can be used in lessons or individual practice, with demo and backing tracks included as a free download. Through a series of engaging and practical playalong pieces and exercises, each element is progressively introduced, with handy tips and ‘Did you know?’ boxes throughout to illustrate and strengthen concepts. Downloadable rhythm tracks in a variety of time signatures and tempos can be used to develop a firm sense of pulse when practising the exercises and rudiments.


The Instruments
Stage 1

  • Easy Rhythms and Dynamics
  • Holding the Sticks
  • Choosing Sticks
  • Playing Position
  • Exercises

Stage 2

  • Snare Drum Rudiments
  • Tuning the Timpani
  • Steps to Scales
  • Exercises

Stage 3

  • Different Timbres
  • Timpani Dampening
  • Leaps to Arpeggios
  • Exercises

Stage 4

  • More Rhythms and Time Signatures
  • Exercises

Stage 5

  • Semiquavers and Metronome Marks
  • Rolling
  • Exercises

Stage 6

  • More Rhythm and Dynamics (Fortissimo & Pianissimo & Diminuendo)
  • Exercises

Performance Piece



Additional Study Materials

Introducing Ignition by Mark Aldous
Introducing Blast Off! by Mark Aldous
Introducing Destination Reached by Mark Aldous

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