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Peter Jarvis


Born:May 17, 1959

Country: Hackensack, New Jersey, USA



Website: https://peterjarvismusic.com/

Peter Jarvis (b. 1959) in Hackensack New Jersey, is an American percussionist, drummer, conductor, composer, music copyist, print music editor and college professor.

He teaches music at Connecticut College, William Paterson University, and Bergen Community College. His teaching responsibilities include academic classes, percussion lessons, coaching/conducting chamber music, directing new music concerts at Connecticut College and Bergen Community College and the New Music Series at William Paterson University where he is Director of New Music. Jarvis is an Associate Director of Composers Concordance and is co-director of their record label.

Jarvis composed, orchestrated, arranged and performed music for Moonrise Kingdom, a film by Wes Anderson, which opened the Cannes Film Festival on May 16, 2012. Moonrise Kingdom received a Golden Globe nomination for “Best Score” and an Academy Award nomination in 2013. His involvement in the film as a composer included various individual projects ranging from adding music to a score by Benjamin Britten and composing original music for several scenes. As arranger and orchestrator he worked on music composed by Mark Mothersbaugh and as performer he led a percussion section and provided several improvisations. He has also performed his own solo percussion music for the second, third, forth and fifth seasons of the HBO Series “Boardwalk Empire.” During the third season, his music appeared in seven episodes. He transcribed, arranged and performed percussion music for Ang Lee’s movie Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk during November, 2016.

As a freelance musician he has performed as a soloist, chamber player, Broadway musician and as conductor with chamber music ensembles including The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, CompCord Ensemble, The Group for Contemporary Music, Saint Luke’s Chamber Ensemble, The New Jersey Percussion Ensemble (which he directs) and on new music/arts festivals such as the Europe/Asia Festival and the Hong Kong Arts Festival and in orchestras and with choruses. He has performed for PBS, Russian and Hong Kong television. The New York Times has said about Jarvis’s conducting: “. . .[He] did full justice to its rhythmic complexities; Mr. Jarvis and his forces richly deserved the standing ovation they received.”

Jarvis has performed and or recorded with composers and musicians such as Milton Babbitt, John Cage and Steve Reich. He is active as a percussionist, conductor and composer in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and elsewhere. As conductor he has appeared with the Saint Luke’s Chamber Ensemble, The New Jersey Percussion Ensemble, Composers Concordance, Ensemble21 and several other groups. He has appeared as guest conductor on the San Francisco Symphony’s New and Unusual Music Series with the New Jersey Percussion Ensemble.

His compositions are published by Calabrese Brothers Music, LLC, Indian Paintbrush Productions, L-T Music Publishing and Subito Music. He is a member of Broadcast Music Incorporated.[1]

Works for Percussion

A Complete Color Op. 69 - Percussion Ensemble, Drum Set
Because Tambourines Are Cool Op. 93 - Percussion Quartet (Four Tambourines)
Bellows and Wood Op. 62 - Multiple Percussion (Wood Blocks), Accordion
Concerto for Accordion and Percussion Sextet Op. 49 - Percussion Sextet, Accordion
Concerto for Frame Drums and Percussion Sextet Op. 41 - Percussion Sextet, Frame Drum
Concerto for Horn and Percussion Sextet Op. 54 - Percussion Sextet, Horn
Concerto for Vibraphone and Percussion Sextet Op. 20 - Percussion Sextet, Vibraphone
Conn-ected Coll-ections Op. 30 - Multiple Percussion, Piano, Electric Guitar
Controlled Improvisation Number 1 Op. 17 - Drum Set, Electric Guitar
Controlled Improvisation Number 2 Op. 22 - Drum Set, Amplified or Electric Violin
Controlled Improvisation Number 3 Op. 34 - Drum set, Accordion
Controlled Improvisation Number 4 Op. 48 - For Frame Drums and Drum Set
Controlled Improvisation Number 5 Op. 72 - Multiple Percussion, Clarinets
Cycle for Three Op. 24 - Vibraphone, Electric Guitar, Double Bass
Drumming for Milton Op. 13 - Drum Set
Empire State Duo for Guitar and Drum Set Op. 52 - Drum Set, Electric Guitar
Engine Op. 33 - Percussion Duo, Voice, Bass
Extreme Measures Op. 4 - Marimba
Four Plus Three Op. 3 - Drum Set
Generations Op. 40 - Percussion Quartet
Half of a Color Op. 65 - Drum Set
I’d Rather Live On the Water Op. 55 - Vibraphone, Soprano
Lo Siento por Venezuela Op. 60 - Vibraphone
Marimba Music Op. 68 - Marimba
Metallic Music Op. 6 - Multiple Percussion - 6 Gongs
On the Boardwalk Op. 18 - Multiple Percussion
Opposites Attract Op. 56 - Percussion Duo, Violin, Cello
Ostinato Mezzo Forte Op. 51 - Percussion Ensemble
Percussion Piece for Ten Middle School Players Op. 58 - Percussion Ensemble (10)
Percussion Solo Edition 2018 Op. 91 - Multiple Percussion
Pitched Drums Op. 2 - Timpani
Postal Bebop non Priority Suite Op. 64 - Drum Set, Trumpet
Satie’s Hammock Op. 16 - Marimba
Seven at Seven Op. 1 - Vibraphone
Solo for Two Kick Drums Op. 7 - Multiple Percussion
Sonic Ceremony Op. 42 - Multiple Percussion
Structures 1 Op. 81 - Percussion Duo
Structures 2 Op. 82 - Percussion Duo
Surveying Carnage Op. 21 - Multiple Percussion
The Rhythm of the Pitch Op. 75 - Marimba
The Snares of Time Op. 5 - Snare Drum
The Straw, the Coal, and the Bean Op. 97 - Percussion Duo, Baritone Singer
Themes and Improvisations Op. 31 - Drum Set
Themes and Improvisations Two Op. 61 - Drum Set, Indeterminate Instrument
Three Marimbas – Six Notes Op. 86 - Percussion Trio, Marimba Trio
Time and Again Op. 78 - Drum Set, Electric Guitar
Triangle Duo Squared Op. 95 - Percussion Quartet, (Four Traingles)
Triangle Music Op. 92 - Percussion Duo (3 triangles each)
Triangular Accordion Op. 83 - Multiple Percussion, Accordion
Tuba and Drums Op. 11 - Multiple Percussion, Tuba
Tunes Without Pitches Op. 8 - Snare Drum