Keyboard Fundamentals

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Brian Zator

General Info

Publisher: Innovative Percussion
Difficulty: Elementary
Cost: $28.00


Keyboard Fundamentals by Brian Zator contains a compilation of 2-mallet and 4-mallet etudes and exercises for young percussionists with unique play-along tracks to make practicing fun. This book focuses on musical concepts, expecting that students have already developed a strong technical foundation.

Inside this book you'll find exercises to work on familiarity with scales, arpeggios, moving patterns, interval changes, and many other concepts that percussionists will face in high school and beyond. The flow from lesson to lesson is methodical and precise.

Two large posters are included (one for 2-mallets, the other for 4-mallets) that highlight particular exercises, so you can hang them up in the practice room for an easy-to-read reference point!