Kotche, Glenn

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Glenn Kotche


Born: 1970

Country: USA



Website: https://www.glennkotche.com

For a percussionist and composer as energetic, inquisitive and versatile as Glenn Kotche, it’s his sense of balance—his ability to thrive in different and seemingly disparate worlds—that really makes him stand out as a musician. Since 2001, Kotche has been the rhythmic anchor in Wilco, one of the most beloved rock bands on the planet. His first studio outing with the Chicago- based band was the breakthrough Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, and has continued over the course of five albums, including the Grammy-winning A Ghost Is Born and the critically-acclaimed The Whole Love. He has appeared on over 80 recordings by artists as diverse as Andrew Bird, Edith Frost, Neil Finn and Radiohead’s Phil Selway, and he’s a founding member of two other bands— Loose Fur, with Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy and longtime collaborator Jim O’Rourke, and On Fillmore, with upright bassist Darin Gray. He has also written music for classical and post-classical ensembles like Kronos Quartet, the Silk Road Ensemble, the Bang on a Can All-Stars, So Percussion, eighth blackbird and many more. Unsurprisingly, Kotche has drawn the praise of his peers from all corners of the musical spectrum. “I could never find another drummer who was Glenn Kotche,” Jim O’Rourke told Time Out Tokyo in 2013, “because there isn’t.” In the program notes for Ilimaq, a piece written in 2012 specifically for Kotche, composer John Luther Adams observed, “…in the hands of a musician like Glenn, the drum set is a one-man percussion orchestra.” [1]

Works for Percussion

Anomaly Concerto for Drumset and String Orchestra - Drumset, Orchestra
Anomaly Mvt. 7 for Marimba Duo - Percussion Duo - Marimba Duo
Calling Glenn - Percussion Trio, Electronics
Cave Dance - Snare Drum
Cheju - Multiple Percussion, Electronics
Chong Ji - Orchestra Bells
Clapping Music Variations - Percussion Ensemble (12)
Drumkit Quartets - Percussion Quartet
Fantasy on a Shona Theme - Vibraphone or Marimba
Fantasy on the Fifth - Drumset
Hunting the Lion - Percussion Quartet
Hush - Percussion Ensemble (10), Chorus
Incline on the Inside - Multiple Percussion, Electronics
Infinite Tree - Drumset, Orchestra
Mask - Vibraphone, with Tape
Mobile for Multiple Percussion - Multiple Percussion, with Tape
Monkey Chant - Drumset
Next: 18 Drumkit Installations - Chamber Ensemble
Night Flight (Kotche) - Percussion Quintet
Projections of (What) Might - Drumset, with Tape
Reductions or Imitations - Percussion Ensemble
Rex Tremendae - Percussion Quartet, Chorus
Something of Life - Drumset, Cello, Electronics
Stagger On - Coda - Multiple Percussion, with Tape
Stone Flow - Percussion Quartet - Mallet Quartet
Taisho - Vibraphone, Double Bass
The Beautiful Confusion Percussion Ensemble
The Haunted - Percussion Duo, 2 Pianos
The Haunted Dance - Percussion Duo, 2 Pianos
The Haunted Hive - Percussion Quartet
The Haunted Viaduct - Percussion Duo, 2 Pianos
Three Worlds Collide - Percussion Ensemble
Time Passages - Multiple Percussion, Orchestra
Transferencia - Percussion Sextet
Traveling Turtle for Percussion Ensemble - Percussion Ensemble (12)
Traveling Turtle for Percussion Quartet - Percussion Quartet
Wading Pool - Electronic Percussion
Wild Sound - Percussion Quartet, Electronics, Video
Wild Sound, Part 4 - Final Segment - Percussion Quartet - Mallet Quartet
Wild Sound for Solo Drumkit - Drumset
Wild Things - Drumset, Electronics