LCM Timpani Grades 6-8

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Jack Richards; Andrew McBirnie

General Info

Year: 2003
Difficulty: Grade 6 to Grade 8
Publisher: Stainer & Bells
ISBN: 979-0-2202-2126-2
Cost: £9.00


This is the second of two books covering the timpani grades for the popular London College of Music percussion exams. Two pieces and a study are included for each grade, and there are examples of sight-reading tests and sample viva voce questions. The London College of Music requirements, unlike those for other examinations syllabuses, replace scales and rudiments with tuning tests, and marks are awarded for musicianship as well as for technical ability from the earliest stages.



Exam Pieces

Grade 6

  • Steam Train: Composed by Glasser
  • Sunbeam Samba: Composed by Treasure
  • Prelude: Composed by Williams

Grade 7

  • Minuet and Trio: Composed by Melvin
  • Quietly Confident: Composed by Treasure
  • Pond World: Composed by Treasure
  • Bagatelle: Composed by Williams


  • Vulcan's Wrath: Composed by Drew
  • Springtime: Composed by Glasser
  • The Return of Jack the Painter: Composed by Read