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Dave Beyer

General Info

Year: 1996
Edition: c. 1st edition
Publisher: Larry Little
Cost: Book Cost - $0.00   |   Supplemental Books - $0.00



Chapter I: Forward
Chapter II: Introduction
Chapter III: General Drum Information
Chapter IV: Drum Tuning
Chapter V: Playing Technique
Chapter VI: Composing Drum Beats
Chapter VII: Drum Beat Variations
Chapter VIII: Different Sound Sources
Chapter IX: Creating Drum Fills
Chapter X: Exercise Songs (Drum Charts)
Chapter XI: Drum Chart for Exercise Song #1
Chapter XII: Drum Chart for Exercise Song #2
Chapter XIII: Your Stroke Combinations
Chapter XIV: Blank Staff Diagrams


Student Reviews

This book is a great starter for learning how to play the drum set. Going over set-up of the equipment, drum accessories, along with pictures of what the completed set-up should look like. For tuning, there is a nomenclature of the snare drum, and what you need to do to tune. It then explains what your toms should be tuned to in relation to your snare drum. The book then explains matched grip, and how your stick should look when you strike an object. The remainder of the book has large-printed notation, along with a guide on how to read it, with the notation becoming harder and harder. This book is also sold alongside the VHS tape, “Learn Drums on VCR: Volume 1”.
Trevor Landreth; Emporia State University


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Beyer, Dave & Larry Little. Learn Drums Books. Naples, Florida: Larry Little, 1996.

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