Ledroit, Christien

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Christien Ledroit


Born: 1975

Country: London, Ontario, Canada

Studies: Queens University-Kingston (B.M.1999), McGill University

Teachers: Jean Lesage

Website: https://cledroit.wordpress.com/

Known for organically blending his background in rock and classical music, composer Christien Ledroit is equally at home in both worlds. Playing both violin and electric guitar from a young age has shaped his musical sensibilities in such a way that, as time goes on, the line between these worlds has become increasingly blurred. Influences of punk and hard rock, Beethoven, Stravinsky, Debussy, George Crumb, R. Murray Schafer and David Lang abound.

Born in London, Ontario in 1975, Christien has won numerous awards, including two prizes in the SOCAN Young Composers Competition. He has been commissioned by ensembles across Canada and the USA and performs regularly throughout Ontario on guitar with The Castor Troys, a Hamilton/Burlington hard rock band. He holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, and a Master of Music in Composition from McGill University in Montreal. He lives in Hamilton, Ontario, with his wife and two daughters.[1]

Works for Percussion

(Un)Natural (Dis)Integration - Percussion Duo, with Tape
Commuter Music - Multiple Percussion, Violin, Clarinet, Bass
Elementalities - Vibraphone, Tabla, Flute
Lush - flute/alto flute, Bb clarinet/bass clarinet, marimba, bass and percussion
Never the Twain Shall Meet - violin, tabla and electronics
Night Chill - Marimba, Electronics
Trade Winds - Concerto for Tabla (orch) - Tabla, Orchestra
Trade Winds - Concerto for Tabla (with Tape) - Tabla, with Tape