Mallet Duets (Brown, T. A)

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Thomas A. Brown

General Info

Year: 2004
Duration: c.
Difficulty: Elementary to Early Intermediate
Publisher: Carl Fischer
Cost: $16.99

Song List

Level 1

1. Dream Dance
2. Bells of Bolano
3. Watch Works
4. Classical Cat
5. Slippery Sam the Mallet Man

Level 2

6. Soccer Rock
7. Dang Tango
8. West Winds
9. Calypso Joe
10. Ragamaroll

Level 3

11. We Loves Ya, Jimmy! (Salute to Jimmy Durante)
12. Boogie Woogie Blues
13. Follow Me Close
14. February March
15. Take the 12th Street Bossa


Glockenspiel / Xylophone / Vibraphone / Marimba

Program Notes

A collection of 15 graded duets for mallet percussion instruments at the elementary through intermediate level. The CD contains duet performances as well as separate accompaniment tracks for both parts. A great way to develop listening skills and matching dynamics!

Commercial Discography

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Works for Percussion by this Composer

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Flim Flam - Snare Drum
Follow Me - Snare Drum
Freckles and Flowers - Marimba; Band; Piano
Greensleeves (Brown, T. A) - Vibraphone
Hoe Down (Brown, T. A) - Percussion Quartet
Keystone Capers - Percussion Quintet
Lovely Lady - Percussion Septet; Electric Bass
Mallet Duets (Brown, T. A) - Percussion Duo
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Multitudes - Multiple Percussion
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Percussionata (Brown) - Percussion Quintet
Perpetual Commotion - Marimba; Band; Piano
Pistachio - Percussion Ensemble (9); Band
Puerto Vallarta - Vibraphone
Reggaelia - Percussion Ensemble (10); Synthesizer
Reverie (Brown) - Percussion Sextet; Electric Bass
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Strike Force - Percussion Septet; Electric Bass
Sun Shadows - Mallets
The Chase - Percussion Trio - Snare Drum
The Gift of Modupe - Percussion Sextet
The Solo Vibist (Volume I) - Vibraphonet
The Vibe Player's Method - Vibraphone
Theme from Fantasy - Percussion Sextet; Electric Bass
Three Ballads - Mallets
Three/Four For Two - Percussion Duo
Threez - Percussion Trio
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Timpani: The Solo Collection - Timpani
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