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Ross Edwards

General Info

Year: 1982
Duration: c. 10:00
Difficulty: Intermediate
Marimba Required: 4 Octave
Publisher: Moeck
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Program Notes


Movement I: This two-mallet movement features very syncopated, rhythmic passages with the theme being presented right at the beginning. Much of this movement requires being able to switch from melodic lines to using only the right mallet to play the melody while the left hand accompanies. Due to using two mallets, quick double strokes end up being used often, double strokes are used as well to help change the feel of some passages.
Movement II: Starting with a contrasting feel right from the beginning, this seems to be somewhat more avant-garde than the previous movement. With rolls leading into descending lines as well as slow-fast-slow roll speeds, the eerie mood for this movement is set up. The only similar tone from the first being a flurry of notes up the marimba, the movement finishes with softly rolled chords in the bass register.
Movement III: Changing from two mallets to four, and once again, in a completely different feel from the previous movements, double, triple, and quadruple stops are used extensively as the melody is played. This compositional technique gives the marimba a lot of body to its sound, an excellent harmonic structure to allow the melody to be heard against the other notes. This quick, pleasant movement is a great ending to these three movements. This piece is published by the Australian Music Centre. This piece is a part of Vic Firth’s Marimba Literature Library with a recording on YouTube and performance by Kramer Milan.

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