Marimba Miniatures

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Robert Clayson

General Info

Subtitle: 11 short pieces for solo marimba
Year: 2021
Publisher: Row-Loff Productions
Page: 19
ISBN: 978-1-9330-0177-7
Cost: $12.00


This collection of “marimba miniatures” comprises a range of moods, tempos and rhythmic challenges, making it both a versatile pedagogical tool for teachers, as well as an engaging challenge for novice players who have just learned to put two mallets in one hand.

Song List

1. Naptime
2. Sunrise
3. Snow Globe
4. Murky Water
5. Skyline
6. Chorale
7. Tango
8. In the Rustling Grass
9. Perish Song
10. Children's Song
11. Sliding Down a Hill

Program Notes

The more time I spend around beginning marimba players, the more I realize that the contemporary solo marimba repertoire has very little to offer in the way of pieces for players who have just learned to put two sticks in one hand. These Marimba Miniatures are my solution to this problem. The pieces in this collection are very short and often centered around a single musical idea, making them incredibly easy to learn.

As a collection, Marimba Miniatures comprises a range of moods, tempos, and rhythmic challenges, making it both a versatile pedagogical tool for teachers and an engaging challenge for novice players. Each miniature has a unique personality all its own, from bright and jovial, to somber and serene, to mysterious and moody. These differences give players a different challenge in each piece, including properly voicing a rich chord progression or creating a driving, accented rhythm without overwhelming the melody.

The musical variety in these pieces make them great for both audiences and performers, and the collection lends itself well to several different performance options. Players can choose to play the entire collection as a full suite or select individual movements to perform by themselves. Alternatively, players can opt to play as many or as few of the miniatures in whatever order they desire or that complements their current repertoire.

Whatever option you choose, it is my hope that teachers, players, and audiences will enjoy playing these pieces as much as I have enjoyed writing them.


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