Martian Tribes

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Emmanuel Séjourné

General Info

Publisher: PM Europe Publication
Difficulty: Advanced
Duration: 00:07:20
Cost: $59.95


Player 1: Marimba (Shared)
Player 2: Marimba (Shared)
Player 3: Marimba (Shared)
Player 4: Marimba (Shared)


The Martians Tribes by Emmanuel Séjourné brings four marimbists together on one marimba in a groovy, silly piece that keeps general crowds entertained with its antics and artistic audiences interested with its musical content. The music has a very African quality, involving a lot of interweaving and repetitive grooves. All of the players will need to memorize the music and have a great deal of stage presence (plus a sense of comedic timing) to give this piece its due. The complexity of some of the patterns can make this work quite a challenge musically, never mind all of the problems that arise from having to switch places with other players.

Recent Performance

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