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Henk Mennens


Born: 24, May 1956

Country: Netherlands

Studies: The Hague, Royal Conservatory / Brabant Conservatory



During studies at the music school in Kerkrade, Henk Mennens played in numerous ensembles (concert orchestra of the music school, mandolin orchestra, big band and percussion group). This increased the connection with the institute. When I was 16 years old, Henk Mennens passed the instructor's diploma for drum bands and became a percussion instructor at various corps. In addition to my MEAO study (administrative direction), I followed the HAFA course at the music school. After my HAFA D exam, Henk Mennens decided to continue studying music. From that time on Henk Mennens played in numerous concert bands. Since Henk Mennens studies at the various conservatories, Henk Mennens have been increasingly inspired and fascinated by percussion music in the broadest sense of the word. That's why Henk Mennens started writing music myself from that time on. This has resulted in numerous composition assignments, including the NIB's assignment to contribute to the expansion of the repertoire for the AD sector. Since 1990 Henk Mennens have been intensively involved in the development of percussion methods. This resulted in the creation of the 'Percussion All In' method, a book series intended for the training of percussionists in various disciplines. This method is currently used both at home and abroad.

Books for Percussion

4 Pieces for Mallet Solo
Multi Percussion Solos - Light
Multi Percussion Solos - Medium
Multi Percussion Solos - Heavy
Percussion All-In-Drums
Percussion All-In-Mallets 1
Percussion All-In-Mallets 2
Percussion All-In-Mallets 3
Percussion All-In-Snare Drum JUNIOR
Percussion All-In-Snare Drum 1
Percussion All-In-Snare Drum 2
Percussion All-In-Snare Drum 3
Percussion All-In-Snare Drum 4
Percussion All-In-Timpani 1

Works for Percussion

Large Percussion Ensemble

4-Xclusive - Percussion 13
Actionality - Percussion 20
Alone in the Darkness - Percussion 15
Cornflakes - Percussion 13
Exhibithion 2 - Percussion 15
Illusion for Elements - Percussion 17

Arrangements for Percussion by this Arranger

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