Modern Japanese Marimba Pieces 2

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Akira Miyoshi & Toshiya Sukegawa

General Info

Year: 1978
Difficulty: Advanced
Publisher: Ongaku No Tomo
Cost: $78.95


Conversation (Suite for Marimba)

1. Tender Talk
2. So Nice It Was......Repeatedly
3. Lingering Chagrin
4. Again the Hazy Answer!
5. A Lame Excuse

Five Pieces after Paul Klee

1. One who Runs Swiftly
2. Cloud and Light
3. Winter Birds
4. In the Dim Light
5. Hot Points and Lines



Program Notes

Modern Japanese Marimba Pieces 2 contains two solos - Conversation: Suite for Marimba by Akira Miyoshi and Five Pieces after Paul KLEE by Toshiya Sukegawe. Both of these pieces are written in the Japanese manner of writing in 'feelings' rather than clear melodies. Conversation: Suite for Marimba is moderately challenging (but not quite as demanding as many other Japanese marimba works) written in five distinct movements. Five Pieces after Paul KLEE is a highly advanced, very dramatic experimental solo with movements that are as different as can be. The first movement is played as fast as you can go, and a few of the other movements are written with very non-standard notation.




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