Musical Studies for Pedal Timpani

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Nick Woud

General Info

Year: 1983
Edition: 1st Edition
Publisher: Pustjen
Cost: Book Cost - $0.00   |   Supplemental Books - $0.00


Woud, Nick. Musical Studies for Pedal Timpani. Pustjens Percussion Publications, 1983.

This book contains 60 etudes that work on musical aspects that the timpanist will encounter such as: glissandi with and without slurs, fast and slow tuning changes, difficult meter changes, rhythmic importance, and melodic importance. The etudes get longer and more difficult the further you get into the book.


There is no table of contents.


Student Reviews

I think this book is good for timpani techniques. It is most likely for the intermediate player who wants to get better. Although, the book looks like someone drew the notes in with a pen instead of it being professionally done by a computer. This doesn’t have anything to do with the musical quality, but if a composer is publishing his work wouldn’t he want it to look professional?
Rating: III
Review by Ashley Feist


Additional Study Materials

Works for Percussion by this Author

Woud, Nick. Musical Studies for Pedal Timpani. Amsterdam: Pustjen Percussion Publications, 1983.
Woud, Nick. Symphonic Studies for Timpani. Amsterdam: Pustjen Percussion Publications, 1999.
Woud, Nick. The Timpani Challenge: 30 Performance Studies. Amsterdam: Pustjen Percussion Publications, 2006.

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