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Musser Marimba
Musser Marimba

Contact Information


Email: N/A

Phone: (708) 354-8383 (La Grange Park Factory)

505 Shawmut Ave
La Grange Park, IL 60526

Company Information

The Musser Mallet Company was founded in by Clair Omar Musser. Musser was a gifted marimba performer, conductor, composer, and marimba designer. He was even trained as an aircraft engineer. In 1930, he became the chief engineer and designer for the JC Deagan Mallet Instrument Company and in 1948, left to start the Musser Mallet Company in the Chicago area.

Musser created the modern Vibraphone design and expanded the line into marimbas, xylophones, chimes, and orchestra bells. It would grow to become the most dominant mallet instrument company in the world.

In 1956, Musser sold his business to Lyons Band in Chicago. A few years later it was sold to Dick Richardson who grew the company further by creating a partnership with the Ludwig Drum Company to distribute products through the same sales team. During this era, jazz vibe legend Lionel Hampton became a major influence for the Musser Company.

In 1965, Ludwig and Musser merged creating a “Total Percussion” company with mallet instruments and drums. Artists like Gary Burton arrived on scene and elevated the Musser brand to new heights.

With a potential shortage of rosewood used to make bars for xylophones and marimbas in the 70’s Musser would be the first to develop a synthetic bar material made from Kelon ®, a special blend of fiberglass strands. This innovation allowed instruments to be used in outside weather elements in drum corps and marching bands.

In 1981, Ludwig Musser was sold to the Selmer Company. Production of Musser mallet instruments continue to be made in LaGrange, Il outside of Chicago. Musser today is known as the choice for “sound” for professionals.[1]

Marimba virtuoso Clair Omar Musser's influence on playing, teaching, composition, and manufacture has been pervasive. He performed his own arrangements of Chopin, Mendelssohn, Bach, Paganini, and others internationally. His solo compositions and transcriptions and his ensemble arrangements have enjoyed great popularity.

Musser’s large marimba orchestras were acclaimed throughout the world. He was a teacher of renown, having headed the Northwestern University Marimba Department for ten years and sent many of his students to important positions in playing and teaching. His innovations in grip, mallets, and technique revolutionized marimba and vibraphone playing. An inventor and designer of instruments, he custom-made instruments for many famous performers.[2]





Bars & Chimes

Serial Number Services

Conn-Selmer offers serial number identification services for their products as well as instruments manufactured before Conn-Selmer bought Musser.

Major Distributers

Conn-Selmer and Musser do not sell their products directly. They work through dealers and major distributing companies (listed below).
Use Dealer Locator on Conn-Selmer or Musser website to locate dealers closest to you.