Night Hunter

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James Campbell

General Info

Publisher: Row-Loff Productions
Duration: 00:04:32
Cost: 50.00


Player 1: Glockenspiel & Chimes
Player 2: Xylophone
Player 3: Vibraphone 1
Player 4: Vibraphone 2
Player 5: Marimba 1
Player 6: Marimba 2
Player 7: Marimba 3
Player 8: Timpani
Player 9-12: Spring Drum]] & Wind Chimes (Metal and Wood) & Tam Tam & Ratchet & Vibraslap & Castanets & Hi-Hat & Large Wooden Plank & Ocean Drum & Cuica & Slapstick & Triangle (Small) & Djembe & Snare Drum & Concert Bass Drum & Seed Pod Rattle & Cajon & Guiro & China Cymbal & Splash Cymbal & Suspended Cymbal (Medium)


Night Hunter by James Campbell is a percussion ensemble piece for 12 players. This title of this piece refers to vampires, the folklore of which originates almost exclusively from the early 18th century in southeastern Europe. In modern fiction (and in this work), the vampire tends to be depicted as a suave, charismatic villain. Alone in his castle he appears only at night to hunt his prey. In the end, the hunter becomes the hunted and is eventually destroyed.

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