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Born: 12 January, 1969

Country: Santiago de Chile




Carlos A. Passeggi took up studying percussion in "Liceo Municipal de Musica de Santa Fe" where he was later on, from 1988 to 1996, a drum teacher. Then he went on with his musical studies until the age of 18 when he entered the "Instituto Superior de Musica" of the "Universidad Nacional del Litoral" (the music College of that University) to study Harmony and Counterpoint getting his degree in 1996. In Santa Fe he took part as a drummer in many Rock, Jazz, and folk fusion bands. In 1992 he became a member of a band called "Psycho", an electronic group formed by 4 people. With this band they had 2 CDs, one of them include a Carlos' composition called "Golpe de Tiempo" (time's blow) and due to their success they went on some tours around Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Ecuador, etc for sometime. In 1997 he moved to Lincoln- Buenos Aires province, and there he started working at the "Conservatorio Provincial de Musica" as a drum, harmony and counterpoint teacher. He is now also in charge of electro-acoustics musical productions. Throughout his career as a musician he has composed pop music as well electronic music, songs, chamber music for different types of groups, music for TV, video and commercials. Since 1997 he has been in charge of "Tai Producciones Musicales", mainly producing music for radio and TV commercials.

Works for Percussion

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