Percussion Exam Pieces & Studies, ABRSM Grade 2

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General Info

Year of Publication: 2019
Publisher: Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music
Pages: 40
Size & Presentation: 305 x 229 mm
Level: Grade 2
Catalogue No: 978-1-7860-1294-4
Cost: $15.59


Snare Drum
Keyboard Percussion


This book contains fifteen pieces from ABRSM’s Grade 2 Percussion syllabus from 2020, with five pieces from the repertoire lists for snare drum, timpani and tuned percussion. Every piece has been specially commissioned for this syllabus and provides players with an innovative and varied range of repertoire that spans solos, duets and accompanied pieces. For those preparing for the technical element of the Percussion exams, bespoke studies for timpani and snare drum have been included. Along with the tuned percussion scales and arpeggios (available separately), these studies fulfil the technical element of the Grade 2 Percussion syllabus. Percussion Exam Pieces & Studies is suitable for candidates taking ABRSM’s Snare Drum, Timpani, Tuned Percussion and Percussion (Combined) exams.


Snare Drum Pieces

1. Fantastic Clock composed by Peter Birkby
2. Smoothly Does It composed by Jan Bradley
3. March of the Octopus composed by Damien Harron
4. Vector composed by Kevin Hathway
5. Swaggerit composed by Alex Neil

Timpani Pieces

1. The Haunted composed by Peter Birkby
2. Tribal Dance composed by Rachel Gledhill
3. Space Race composed by Andrew Simth
4. What's for Tea Tonight? composed by Andrea Vogler
5. The Buard composed by Nick Woud

Tuned Percussion Pieces

1. Sea Blues composed by Clive Malabar
2. Summer Sunshine composed by Alan Bullard
3. Turn the Key, Unlock the Door composed by Cameron Sinclair
4. Blue Stix composed by Alex Neal
5. Winter's Night composed by Andrew Smith


Study A (Timpani)
Study B (Timpani)
Study A (Snare Drum)
Study B (Snare Drum)

Performance Showcase

March of the Octopus

What's for Tea Tonight?

Sea Blues

Additional Resources

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