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Peter Birkby is a passionate composer, performer, arranger, musical director, publisher, manager and educator with over thirty years experience in the music industries. He writes for all musicians, from school age to professional, and for diverse audiences such as the Queen and passers-by. He is an active member of the musical community as percussionist and composer and recently he completed a PhD with composition and Light Music as the academic research area. As enthusiastic now about music and discovering individual combinations of sound as he was at the beginning of his career, he continues to develop opportunities for his works to reach new audiences.

Books for Percussion by this Composer

Dozens of Duets for Drums (Book 1)
Dozens of Duets for Drums and Percussion (Book 2)
Dozens of Duets for Drums (Book 3)
Dozens of Duets for Timpani and Drum (Book 1)
Dozens of Duets for Keyboard Percussion (Book 1)
Dozens of Duets for Keyboard Percussion (Book 2)
Dozens of Duets for Keyboard Percussion (Book 3)
The Big Book of Duets
Ten Quartets (Book 1)
Ten Quartets (Book 2)
Quartets (Book 1)

Works for Percussion

12 Solos for Xylophone
Celebration Music - Percussion Quartet
Dance Suite No. 4 - Percussion Ensemble
Drums and Junk, Rock and Funk
Festive Music
Sweet Whistling
10 Xylophone Solos
The Drum Kit and Percussion Jotter
Traditional Tunes