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Reference marimba solos are provided for each difficulty rating.

  • Note: Do not choose repertoire based on difficulty alone. There is value in learning, rehearsing, and performing percussion literature both below and above your level of skill/experience.

I - Novice Level: e.g. Yellow After the Rain, Ghost Garden, Sea Refractions

II - Developing Level: e.g. Strive to be Happy, Katamiya, Rhythm Song

III - Intermediate Level: e.g. Land, Four Rotations, Frogs

IV - Proficient Level: e.g. Two Mexican Dances, Polaris, Over the Rainbow (arr. Oetomo)

V - Advanced Level: e.g. October Night, Etude in E Minor (Cheung), Variations on Lost Love

VI - Artist Level: e.g. Reflections on the Nature of Water, Northern Lights, Marimba Spiritual

VII - Virtuoso Level: e.g. Velocities, Khan Variations, Merlin