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Rebecca Kite

General Info

Published Date: 1st October 2014 (Third Edition)
Publisher: Alfred Music Publishing
Level: Intermediate
Page: 999
Cost: $28.75
Language: English
Dimensions: 8.8' X 0.4' X 11.7'
Weight: 15.2 ounces


  • 24 original etudes written especially for this book
  • 30 classic melodies for reading and musicianship
  • Thorough study of major and minor scales and chords
  • Key signature and Circle of Fourths and Fifths
  • 145 Play-Along Music Tracks
  • 30 Technique Exercises


Used and endorsed by numerous college percussion programs, Reading Mallet Percussion Music by Rebecca Kite provides a solid foundation in the scales, arpeggios, and melodic patterns necessary for percussionists to get up to speed quickly in reading music in bass and treble clef.

Kite has recorded each page of music which includes 30 technique exercises (more than three hours of music), that is included on the play-along CD. Students will hear what the music sounds like on the marimba and play along with Kite as they practice! There is also a special emphasis on developing speed reading techniques that gives each learner a fast track to reading fluency.

The first two sections of the book contain original etudes by Rebecca Kite, written specifically for developing music reading music skills. Especially notable are the illustrations of the marimba keyboard with either a note or scale darkened so the student can identify them on the marimba on which they are playing. The music, all of which is composed for a four-octave marimba, is clearly written with large noteheads that will help the beginner in learning to read. The third section of the book contains thirty classic melodies that are presented in increasing difficulty and are arranged to use the entire four octave keyboard (including reading bass clef). The final section contains 30 technical exercises for two mallets for developing the skill to play the material in the book. For 2 mallets, 4.0 octave marimba.


"Reading Mallet Percussion Music is an excellent book, well-written and organized for easy comprehension," ---John Beck, Eastman School of Music (retired).
"Your two-mallet reading book is absolutely brilliant, and is now a required resource in my curriculum." ---Kurt Gartner, Kansas State University.

Works for Percussion by this Composer

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