Rigoli, Carl

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Carl Rigoli


Born: December 29, 1941

Country: New York City, U.S.A.

Studies: Manhattan School of Music (B.M. 1964, M.M.E. 1965)

Teachers: Morris Goldenberg, Earl Hatch, Joe Porcaro, Albert Harris

Website: http://www.carmelorecordings.com/index.html

Carl Rigoli was born in New York City and raised in Astoria Queens, and at the early age of three he became interested in music. At sixteen he began performing professionally and after attending the Manhattan School of Music he received a Bachelor of Music and Master Degree in Music Education in 1965. Carl started performing with the vibes in 1964 at the Worlds Fair in New York City with many well-known studio musicians. This eventually led to working in nightclubs and in the studios. A year later he performed in such famous clubs as the Copacabana and the Latin Quarter both in New York. At the Waldorf Astoria he performed both with the vibes and percussion for such super stars as Frank Sinatra, Julie London, Johnny Mathis, Carol Lawrence, Tony Bennett and many others. In 1970 Carl moved to Los Angeles where he now makes his home with his wife. He has been very active as a teacher and also performing with Dave Angel's Big Jazz Band and his own Jazz quintet. He continues composed music, has recorded four albums (CD's) featuring the vibraphone, and worked in television and motion pictures. [1]

Works for Percussion

A Feeling - Vibraphone
A Passing Thought - Percussion Quartet - (Marimba/Vibes)
Airborne - Percussion Duo - (Marimba/Vibes)
Ballad for Ryan - Percussion Duo - (Marimba/Vibes)
C.R.'s Blues - Percussion Duo - (Marimba/Vibes)
Concerto Piccolo - Percussion Quartet - (Marimba/Vibes)
Cross Roads - Percussion Duo - (Marimba/Vibes)
Down Town Stomp - Percussion Duo - (Marimba/Vibes)
Early Morning Blues - Percussion Duo - (Marimba/Vibes)
Easy Jive - Percussion Duo - (Marimba/Vibes)
Four Five - Percussion Quartet - (Marimba/Vibes)
Gracias - Vibraphone
Humbre K Passo - Percussion Duo - (Marimba/Vibes)
I Know the Way - Vibraphone
Implications - Percussion Quartet - (Marimba/Vibes)
In Old Monterey - Percussion Duo - (Marimba/Vibes)
Insight - Vibraphone
Jazz Suite (Rigoli) - Percussion Quartet - (Marimba/Vibes)
Lucid - Percussion Duo - (Marimba/Vibes)
Midtown Jive - Percussion Duo - (Marimba/Vibes)
On the Mark - Percussion Duo - (Marimba/Vibes)
Pento - Percussion Quartet - (Marimba/Vibes)
R. R. Blues - Vibraphone
Right On - Vibraphone
Rockino Latino - Vibraphone
Ryan's Expresso - Vibraphone
Samba Di - Percussion Duo - (Marimba/Vibes)
Samba Nova - Percussion Quartet - (Marimba/Vibes)
Some of This and Some of That - Vibraphone
Speed Tactics - Percussion Duo - (Marimba/Vibes)
The Basses of Things - Percussion Quartet - (Marimba/Vibes)
The Guru - Percussion Quartet - (Marimba/Vibes)
Time Out (Rigoli) - Vibraphone
Up Town Groove - Vibraphone
Valse Tranquillo - Percussion Duo - (Marimba/Vibes)
Walking Tall - Percussion Duo - (Marimba/Vibes)
Yo - Vibraphone