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Today, Shawnee Press is one of the largest publishers of choral and instrumental music in the world. Since 1939, the company has led the way in providing music of the highest quality to schools, churches, bands and orchestras. From a small shipping room in New York City to a worldwide network of dealers, the company has grown with one goal in mind-a commitment to excellence.

Shawnee Press has become famous throughout the industry for both the quality and variety of choral music it produces for schools and churches. In addition, the firm has also published many fine works for instrumentalists.

The corporation also consists of HAROLD FLAMMER MUSIC, publishers of mainstream or liturgical church music and GLORYSOUND, which provides contemporary church music. CONCERT WORKS UNLIMITED was created in 1987 to produce a full spectrum of high quality instrumental music-concert band, orchestra and ensembles-provided by top writers in the industry. WIDE WORLD MUSIC, SANDSOUNDS, and GILPIN MUSIC PUBLISHING have been acquired to supplement the fine publications in the SHAWNEE PRESS catalogs. STEVENSONG PUBLICATIONS was acquired to supplement the publications in the HAROLD FLAMMER MUSIC catalog. In 1999 Shawnee Press, Inc. acquired MARK FOSTER MUSIC COMPANY, which is dedicated to serving choral conductors by providing them with distinctive original repertoire, as well as auxiliary materials and services to facilitate their conducting and teaching endeavors, to augment both the educational and sacred divisions. Also acquired in 1999 was MARGUN MUSIC, which is known for supporting many composers at the earliest stages of their careers, including Ellen Zwilich, David Lang, Steve Mackey, Nicholas Thorne, Olly Wilson and others, while also publishing the concerts works of Alec Wilder and Nikos Skalkottas, as well as jazz, vernacular music, and early music.

It all began in the late 1930s. Mr. Fred Waring, renowned bandleader and choral master, and some of his friends formed a music publishing company called WORDS AND MUSIC, INC. As he and his famous singing group, "The Pennsylvanians" grew in stature and popularity, school choral and church choir directors began requesting copies of his unique arrangements.

In 1939, the first choral arrangement became available - The Night Is Young. In 1947 Mr. Waring changed the name of the company to Shawnee Press and moved the headquarters to Pennsylvania-an obvious site and name since his home was located in Shawnee-on-Delaware, PA. And so, Shawnee Press grew to become the publisher of a universal catalog of sacred and secular music, ranging from delightful children's songs to serious symphonic works.

Apart from its substantial listing of instrumental, piano, organ and handbell scores, Shawnee Press has remained a leader in the field of choral music. The HAROLD FLAMMER MUSIC catalog was added in 1970 to establish the church music division, and in 1976 a second sacred publishing division called GLORYSOUND was formed with a focus on contemporary Christian music.

Fred Waring succumbed to a massive stroke on July 29, 1984 but his philosophy and choral techniques continue today.

Shawnee Press continues to demonstrate a unique diversity of musical materials[1]