Simple Steps for Successful Snare Drumming

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Kennan Wylie

General Info

Year: 2008
Edition: c.
Level: Elementary
Publisher: Charles Dumont & Sons
Cost: $13.50


  • Long Term and Short Term Goals
  • 25 Week Step-by-Step Process
  • Useful Tips included with each Lesson
  • Popular for Beginners


  • Introduction
  • Steps #1-25
  • Checkpoint A-F
  • "Last Chance" Snare Drum Solo
  • Warm-up exercise


Simple Steps to Successful Snare Drumming by Kennan Wylie includes short term and long term lessons that will develop an early snare drummer's technical and musical ability on the drum. This book provides a solid foundation for early students that will be essential for their progression as a drummer and as a percussionist in general. Included in this book is:

  • a progressive warm-up sequence, which gets player's hands moving and ready to play more complicated material in a way that is healthy for their hands
  • A 25 week step-by-step process that combines long term and short term goals so students are always moving towards their next step and constantly advancing their technique
  • Short tips for each lesson that help give meaning to each step they take along the way.

Simple Steps to Successful Snare Drumming is a fantastic tool for helping students establish the basic technique that will take them through their entire percussion career. BY Kasey Blezinger


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