Standard of Excellence ADVANCED Jazz Ensemble Method (Drums)

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Bruce Pearson & Dean Sorenson

General Info

Publisher: Neil A. Kjos Music Company
Series: Standard of Excellence Jazz Ensemble Method
Difficulty: Late Elementary
Cost: $17.95




Designed as a comprehensive jazz instruction book, it can be used by students who have completed the Standard of Excellence Jazz Ensemble Method, or students with intermediate level instrumental skills and at least one year of jazz ensemble experience. Building upon the rhythmic skill introduced in the first book, the ADVANCED series focuses on teaching improvisation. Concepts introduced and reinforced in IMPROVISATIONS STUDIES and ADVANCED IMPROVISATION STUDIES are applied in charts designed to be played by the full jazz ensemble. In addition students and directors will find: Increased emphasis on improvisation; Advanced improvisation studies; Longer charts; Wider instrumental range; More independence of section. Each book comes with an accompaniment CD, continuing the non-theoretical and aurally based approach of the first book. Directors will find the Director's Score to be an invaluable resource of jazz pedagogy.

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