Standard of Excellence Jazz Ensemble Method (Drums)

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Bruce Pearson & Dean Sorenson

General Info

Publisher: Neil A. Kjos Music Company
Series: Standard of Excellence Jazz Ensemble Method
Difficulty: Elementary
Cost: $17.95




The book is divided into three sections, each representing a different jazz style: rock, swing, and Latin. Each section contains rhythm studies and improvisation studies which may be played with other members of the ensemble or with accompanying audio tracks found in the IPS (Interactive Practice Studio) app. Each section of the book also includes jazz chart (13 total) that applies what is learned in the rhythm and improvisation studies. The flexible scoring allows for a full-sounding ensemble with as few as half the standard instrumentation. The director's score include tips on player selection, band setup, audio reinforcement, music selection, rehearsal suggestions etc. The SOE Jazz Ensemble Method will be for both the seasoned jazz band director and the band director with little or no experience at all.

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