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Chris Crockarell

General Info

Publisher: Row-Loff Productions
Difficulty: Advanced
Duration: 00:03:50
Cost: $45.00


Mallet Percussion: Glockenspiel & Xylophone & Vibraphone & Marimba & Chimes
Drums: Timpani & Snare Drum & Bass Drum & 3 Concert Tom-toms
Cymbals: Crash Cymbals & Ride Cymbal & 3 Suspended Cymbals & Gong
Auxiliary Percussion: Triangle & Temple Blocks & Wind Chimes (Ceramic / Glass / Bamboo) & Anvil & Sleigh Bells & Brake Drum


Stratus by Chris Crockarell is an medium-advanced level work for percussion ensemble. It features a great build up to a fiery tempo and a vast array of non-pitched instruments.

Recent Performance

Works for Percussion by this Composer

Small Ensemble

Circus, Circus!Percussion (10)
Comic ReliefPercussion Octet; Percussion (8)
Concerto for Garage BandPercussion Quintet; Percussion (5); Guitar; Keyboard; Bass Guitar
CymbalectomyPercussion Sextet; Percussion (6)
Dance of the Wind-up Toy – Percussion Octet; Percussion (8)
Drum BiznessPercussion Quartet; Percussion (4)
Drum it DownPercussion Quartet; Percussion (4)
Glitzville!Percussion Nonet; Percussion (9)
Kaleidoscope (Crockarell) – Percussion Sextet; Percussion (6)
Katie's Bossa – Percussion Sextet; Percussion (6)
Kawf Dooda Code – Percussion Octet; Percussion (8)
Leetul Reekee
Last Warrior – Percussion (10)
Outbound – Percussion Nonet; Percussion (9); Tape
Rocking Angel - Percussion (11)
Sahara Dream
Shimi, Shami, Shang!
Shoe Bop
Stratus – Percussion Nonet; Percussion (9)
Sushi Funk – Percussion Octet; Percussion (8); Bass Guitar
SynergyPercussion Quartet; Percussion (4)
Taco Tico
Three Way SplitPercussion Trio; Percussion (3)
Under the Big Top

Large Ensemble

Curse Of Tortuga - Percussion (14)
Gorsky's DreamPercussion (12)
Serengeti - Percussion (14)
Visions of Sugar Plums - Percussion 12