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Matt Moore

General Info

Year of Composition: 2020
Publisher: C. Alan Publications
Difficulty: Grade 5
Duration: 7:35
Cost: $18.00


Player 1: Marimba

Program Notes

“Surface” is for an advanced marimba soloist. It is an attempt to provide tremendous musical depth for the performer while remaining engaging and listenable for an audience. While finishing very differently than it begins, the piece is connected by two motifs, each taking a musical journey through meter and harmony. In composing and performing the piece, I imagined visuals relating to the concept of a “surface” in some way: a textured top, a stark geometric exterior, an undulating sea, an emergence of something previously hidden. I hope the performer can find their own meaning and connection, and that this piece can serve as an enjoyable vehicle for the performer’s unique musical expression.

Recent Performance

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