Take it to the Street

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Stanton Moore

General Info

Year: 2005
Edition: 1st Edition
Publisher: Carl Fischer
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Chapter I: A Traditional Approach to Second-Line Rhythms
Chapter II: Playing In Between the Cracks
Chapter III: A Modern Approach to Second-Line Rhythms
Chapter V: Additional 3-2 Grooves
Chapter VI: Mardi Gras Indian Grooves
Chapter VII: Mardi Gras Indian Grooves for Percussion
Chapter VIII: Inflecting and Varying the Groove
Chapter IX: New Orleans Spin
Chapter X: Tambourine Grooves
Chapter XI: Linear... New Orleans Style
Chapter XII: Fills
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Student Reviews

This book explains traditional basic second-line styles, and applies them to drum set. For almost all of the grooves and exercises that Moore presents, he starts by explaining the origin of the groove (who started it, where, why was it important), and then applies a basic drum set comp to show both instruments working together. The grooves then proceed to get more challenging all while keeping the original groove in pocket. At the end of each idea presented, the CD that the book comes with has a specified track at the end that the groove will compliment. The interesting thing is that the tracks on the CD do not include drums on them. Only the other instruments. This is a specialty book to instruct the player how to play with different New Orleans styles, this is not a book on how to teach fundamentals of drum set.
Trevor Landreth; Emporia State University


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