The Building Revealed

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Stuart Greenbaum

General Info

Year of Published: 2019
Publisher: Australian Music Centre
Difficulty: Advanced
Duration: 00:03:00
Cost: $33.64



Player 1: French Horn
Player 2: French Horn
Player 3: French Horn
Player 4: French Horn
Player 5: Trumpet in D
Player 6: Trumpet in C
Player 7: Trumpet in C
Player 8: Flugelhorn in Bb
Player 9: Tenor Trombone
Player 10: Tenor Trombone
Player 11: Bass Trombone
Player 12: Euphonium
Player 13: Tuba


Player 1: Timpani
Player 2: Crotales
Player 3: Crotales
Player 4: Glockenspiel
Player 5: Glockenspiel
Player 6: Hand Bells
Player 7: Hand Bells
Player 8: Cymbals
Player 9: Egg Shaker & Triangle
Player 10: Tam Tam


This fanfare was written for the opening of the Ian Potter Southbank Centre - the new home of the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music. Written for 23 brass and percussion players and fixed media, the work was written specifically to take advantage of the layout and acoustic properties of the Hanson Dyer Hall - the main recital venue within the new conservatorium. Titled The Building Revealed, this fanfare is dedicated to MCM's Director of 10 years, Prof Gary McPherson, who has been a wonderful advocate for music at the University of Melbourne. The premiere performance was given by the MCM's brass and percussion ensembles on 1 June 2019 for the official opening of the building.

Composer's Notes

This work was written in a site–specific manner to feature the opening of a new recital hall. The spatial, balcony and offstage position instructions can naturally be adjusted to suit different venues. The 4 stereo fixed media cues are optional. The piece is designed to be able to work without them (though the cues are available on request if desired). Additionally, instruments such as handbells could be substituted for others (such as vibraphones or tubular bells) if not available.

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