The Conquer of the Krake

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Martijn Oostra

General Info

Publisher: Martijn Oostra Music
Duration: 00:13:00
Difficulty: Advanced
Cost: €120.00


Player 1: Glockenspiel
Player 2: Vibraphone 1
Player 3: Vibraphone 2
Player 4: Tubular bells
Player 5: Xylophone 1
Player 6: Xylophone 2
Player 7: Marimba 1
Player 8: Marimba 2
Player 9: Marimba 3
Player 10: Marimba 4
Player 11: Timpani
Player 12: Keyboard
Player 13: Snare Drum & Field Drum & Cabassa
Player 14: Triangle & Bongos & Temple Blocks & Snare Drum & Field Drum & Tam-tam
Player 15: 4 Concert Tom-toms
Player 16: Suspended Cymbal & Tambourine & Tam-tam & Hi-hat & Wind Chimes
Player 17: Large Tam-tam & Suspended Cymbal & Hand Cymbals & Triangle
Player 18: Concert Bass Drum & Marching Bass Drum


The Conquer of the Kraken tells the story of the Nordic zoologist Erik Pontoppidan. He was the first to describe the existence of the Kraken. A giant sea monster with many tentacles that brought down every ship. In the work Erik goes on the hunt for the monster to kill it once and for all. The gray rocky coasts of Norway loom up and we see Erik leave with his crew. Out into the open water to look for the Kraken. After a long time on open water, shadows loom beneath the surface of the water. During the fight with the beast, half the ship is then swallowed up, but one of Erik's men manages to take the Kraken down with a hit shot. After the battle, the crew drifts distraught for days. Lost at sea. Until someone finally sees the Nordic shores appear. The survivors of the journey are hailed as heroes and Erik can finally return home.

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