The Drum and Percussion Cookbook

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Rick Mattingly

General Info

Year: 2006
Edition: c.
Publisher: Meredith Music
Number of Pages: 162
ISBN: 978-1-5746-3101-2
Cost: Book Cost - $24.95   |   Supplemental Books - $0.00


Mattingly, Rick. The Drums and Percussion Cook Book: Creative Recipes for Players and Teachers. Galesville, MD: Meredith Music Publications, 2008.

This book has a tremendous amount of advice. Topics include how to practice well, interpreting a piece of music, and how to mentally get un-frustrated with a piece. Each person in this book was allowed a couple of pages to explain something to a percussionist. There is a wide range of topics and some of them get repeated, but they are written by percussionist like Christopher Deane, Michael Burritt, and Anthony Cirone who’s music I have played.


Table of Contents
Fundamental Practicing
Inspired Practice
An Appetizing Rehearsal
Southern Italian Tambourine Pizzica
Playing with Other Instruments
Creative Music-Making and the Drumset Player
Feeding the Imagination
Interpretation and Expression
Cooking in Time
For a Great Performance, Follow ALL the Directions
Teaching Young Percussionists to Make Musical Choices
Exploring Interpretation through Percussion Notation
Making it to the Top
Avoiding Mental Masonry
Tasty Charts for the Drumline
Savoring the Sounds
Ride Cymbal a la Mode
Vocabulary Crock Pot Stew
Finding Musical Expression in Marimba Performance
Snare Drum Gumbo
Successful Time Playing in a Jazz Combo
It’s Time
The Elusive “Closed” Snare Drum Roll
Cooking Up a World Percussion Ensemble
A Healthy Marimba Breakfast
Creative Practice
Layering in a Rhythmic Cake
Teacher as Student as Teacher
A Multiple Percussion Approach to Drumset
Making Your Compass
Good Drum Circles Are Not Just “Pot Luck”
A Good Practice Session Should be Like a Four-Course Meal
Focused, Result-Oriented Practice Sessions
Improving Time Feel
A Tasty Alternative for the Light Practice Schedule
Junk Food
Analytical Listening
A Deeper Groove
Teaching a Fast Learner
How to Get Good
Feeding Difficult Students
It’s All about the Basics
Recipe for an Orchestral Percussion Audition
A Creative Recipe for the Improvising Vibist
A Well-Rounded Approach to Musical Growth
Recipe for Chart Reading
A Tasteful Concert Bass Drum
Drumset Balance
If You Can Sing it You Can Play it
Developing a Unique Voice
Practicing and Playing the Drumset
Improved Snare Drum Solo Scores
What Are You Prepared to Do?
Private Lessons for the Beginner- Like a Well-Balanced Meal
Frame Drum Chops with Spicy Rudimental Marinade
Recipe for a Thinking Musician
A Recipe for Success!


Student Reviews

I think this book is great. It isn’t exactly a method book, but it offers great advice by composers who write the music I play. Because of this, I would use this book.
Rating: II
Review by Ashley Feist


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