The Five Brothers

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Cristian Orozco

General Info

Year: 2010
Duration: 00:15:30
Difficulty: Advanced
Publisher: Title Publisher
Cost: $12.99


1. Extrovert
2. Meditative
3. Furious
4. Introvert
5. Passionate



Program Notes

This work attempts to use a contemporary style to describe human traits that make us unique, yet complex and wonderful. Extrovert represents cheerful, agile, light, and playful. Meditative represents a being who likes silence. Someone who, in concentration, feels at ease contemplating and letting himself be carried away by the essence of an idea. Furious represents a very angry person, someone who cannot control their impulses; very agitated, frantic and violent in character. Introvert represents mysterious, shy, insecure. Passionate represents being spiritually demonstrative. That human being who has no qualms about sharing their feelings with the world and also causes us to share our feelings with others.




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