The Solo Timpanist (26 etudes)

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Vic Firth

General Info

Year: 1963
Edition: 1st Edition
Publisher: Carl Fischer
Cost: Book Cost - $0.00   |   Supplemental Books - $0.00


Firth, Vic. The Solo Timpanist. New York, New York: Carl Fischer, 1963.

Firth wrote these studies to further develop advanced techniques. All of the etudes work on problems related to some of the most difficult classical and modern repertoire. There are etudes for six timpani, piano-staccato for the lower register, changing meters, glissandi up and down, odd rhythmic groupings, and difficult solfege problems. Each etude has a paragraph of very specific instructions about how to play the piece and what to pay attention to.


There is no table of contents, but there are 26 etudes.


Student Reviews

This book will make a good player great because of the specific direction Firth gives. There is no confusion in what he wants to musician to play and it works on difficult techniques that need improvement. This is a great book for an advanced timpanist.
Rating: I
Review by Ashley Feist


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