Theobald, James Chester

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Composer Name


Born: March 10, 1950

Country: Winchester, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Studies: Hartt College (1968-71), Chicago Musical College (1970-71), Columbia University (B.A. 1977)

Teachers: Edward J. Miller, Edward Diemente, Jack Beeson, Charles Dodd

Works for Percussion

Alternatives 720Solo Percussion; Multiple Percussion
By Chance a Melody – Solo Percussion; Trombone; Drum Set
For Flutefluteflutefluteflutefluteflute and Percussioncussioncussioncussioncussioncussioncussion – Solo Percussion; Multiple Percussion; Flute
Mantra for Percussion – Solo Percussion; Multiple Percussion
Mystery Music #4 – Solo Percussion; Multiple Percussion; Bass Clarinet
Mystery Music #5Percussion Duo
Plane - 5 – Solo Percussion; Multiple Percussion
Song and Dance – Solo Percussion; Drum Set; Tuba
Three RhapsodiesPercussion Quartet; Saxophone