Third Construction

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John Cage

General Info

Year: 1941
Duration: 00:10:00
Publisher: C. F. Peters
Cost: Parts Only - $54.00   |   Score Only - $41.00


Player 1: North West Indian rattle (wooden), 5 graduated tin cans, 3 graduated tom toms, claves, large Chinese cymbal (suspended), maracas, teponaztli

Player 2: 5 graduated tin cans, 3 graduated tom toms, claves, 2 cowbells, Indo-Chinese rattle (wooden, with many separate chambers), lion's roar

Player 3: 5 graduated tin cans, 3 graduated tom toms, tambourine, quijadas, claves, cricket callers (split bamboo), conch shell

Player 4: tin can with tacks (rattle), 5 graduated tin cans, 3 graduated tom toms, claves, maracas, wooden ratchet, bass drum roar

Program Notes

John Cage's Third Construction debuted on May 14, 1941 at the California Club Auditorium in San Francisco, performed by Xenia Cage, Doris Dennison, Lou Harrison and Margaret Jansen, conducted by John Cage. Third Construction was dedicated 'to Xenia for our anniversary'. The rhythmic structure is 24 times 24 measures. In each parts the phrase structure follows differrent proportion series, each of them being a rotation of the other: player 4: [8,2,4,5,3,2], player 1: [2,8,2,4,5,3], player 3: [3,2,8,2,4,5] and player 2: [5,3,2,8,2,4].




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