Three Times Three

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Chris Brooks

General Info

Year of Publication: 2008
Publisher: Row-Loff
Book: Trisicles
Level: Elementary
Duration: 00:02:16


Player 1: 5" Snare Drum & Tambourine
Player 2: 6.5" Snare Drum & Ride Cymbal
Player 3: Piccolo Snare Drum & Cowbell

Performance Notes

Three Times Three is a snare drum trio with each player also incorporating another percussion instrument. Optimally, the 3 snare drums would be different sizes, but if each player is using a 5" student model snare drum, different tunings will suffice. Also the drums should all be concert snare drums, not marching snare drums. For layer 1 & 2, tambourine and cowbell are handheld, so they'll need a chair, stool or trap table for those instruments. The Cowbell could be mounted, but the tambourineshould be held and shaken, not mounted and played with sitcks.

Works for Percussion by this Composer


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