Tradition of Excellence Drums Mini Method

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Peter O’Gorman

General Info

Year: 2010
Published: Neil A. Kjos Music Press


Once you have begun to master the fundamentals of percussion playing, the study of drum set is a natural next step. The benefits are numerous: advanced coordination and technique, refined listening skills, and frequent opportunities to apply your talents creatively in unlimited styles of music—all important facets of being a well-rounded percussionist. While this Mini-Method shows you how to set up a full, average-size kit, the included introductory exercises only require four surfaces: snare drum, bass drum (often referred to as kick drum), ride cymbal, and hi-hat. For more comprehensive drum set instruction, continue with Drum Sessions Books 1 and 2 by Peter O’Gorman (Neil A. Kjos Music Company edition numbers 151DCT and 152DCT). Much of this Mini-Method’s content is excerpted from Book 1. Learning to play drum set is fun and exciting. This Mini-Method will give you the solid foundation you need to continue your drum set studies for many years to come.


Drum Set Technique
1. Quarter Note Ride
2. Basic Quarter Note Ride/Snare Coordination Patterns
3. Advanced Quarter Note Ride/Snare Coordination Patterns
4. Eighth Note Ride
5. Basic Eighth Note Ride/Snare Coordination Patterns
6. Advanced Ride/Snare Coordination Patterns
7. Bass Drum Patterns
8. Chop Builders
9. Ride/Bass Drum Coordination Patterns
10. Snare/Bass Drum Coordination Patterns
11. Grooves