Tradition of Excellence Technique & Musicianship

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Bruce Pearson & Ryan Nowlin

General Info

Published Date: 1st January, 2013
Publisher: Neil A. Kjos Music Company
Pages: 56
Cost: $10.99


Tradition of Excellence: Technique & Musicianship Percussion Designed for musicians who have completed a second year of study in any method, this important new book features scales, thirds, and arpeggios; technique, articulation, and melodious etudes; plus excerpts from the classical repertoire and full-band chorales in 16 major and minor keys. With emphasis placed on specific musicianship skills, plus options for differentiated learning and instruction, it goes above and beyond technique books of the past. Whether used in private lessons or in a group, Tradition of Excellence: Technique and Musicianship is sure to improve technical ability and enhance artistic sensitivity for all band students.


Developing technical skill and artistic sensitivity on your instrument is an essential step toward becoming a well-rounded musician. The exercises in Tradition of Excellence Technique & Musicianship will help your progress - even scales can be played musically! Of particular importance are the Musicianship Tips shown on exercise 8 of each key study. They offer valuable advice and should be applied to the subsequent exercise, as well as the music students play outside of these lessons.
Every percussion student should develop technical and musicianship skills on all percussion instruments. In the mallets portion of the book, play the Glockenspiel, Xylophone, Vibraphone or Marimba where indicated. Additionally, some musical passages are more musically satisfying when the rolls are played on Xylophone, Vibraphone or Marimba.


  • Practice Journal
  • Slurs & Technique
  • Studies
 -Bb Major / G Minor 
-Eb Major / C Minor
-F Major / D Minor
-Ab Major / F Minor
-Db Major / Bb Minor
-C Major / A Minor
-G Major / E Minor
-D Major / B Minor
-Tuning & Intonation
-Selection of Mallets
-Tuning the Snare drum and Bass Drum
-Tuning the Timpani
-S.A.T.B. Chorales
  • Circle of Fourths / Circle of Fifths
  • Scales and Stick Control Studies
 - Circle of Fourths - Major Scales 
- Circle of Fourths - Minor Scales