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Josh Gottry

General Info

Year of Publication: 2006
Publisher: Row-Loff Productions
Series: Noveltysicles!
Level: Elementary
Duration: 00:03:28


Player 1: Large Plastic Tubes
Player 2: Small Plastic Tubes
Player 3: Large Plastic Tubes
Player 4: Small Plastic Tubes
Player 5: Large Plastic Tubes
Player 6: Small Plastic Tubes

Performance Notes

All pairs of the long Plastic Tubes should match in pitch and all pairs of the short Plastic Tubes should match as well. The performers should begin the piece sitting in their chairs in a straight line facing the audience. One by one, performers stand up, walk to the back of their chair and begin the opening measure vamp. After all players have begun, the ensemble can continue into measure 2, either with a cue or after a designated number of measures following the last players' entrance. Once the ensemble reaches measure 54, one by one, performers exit the stage, leaving the initial player alone. After realizing he / she is alone, the remaining player should perform the final two measures with flair and showmanship, and then exit the stage. The ensemble can return for recognition as a group.

Recent Performance

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