13 Variation of "Lie Tudora"

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Dobri Paliev

General Info

Year: 1983
Duration: c. 9:30
Difficulty: (see Ratings for explanation)
Publisher: Sofia
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Works for Percussion by this Composer

12 Pièces pour caisse claire et piano - Snare Drum; Piano
13 Variation of "Lie Tudora" - Marimba
13 variations on Tudora - Marimba
19 Pièces Bulgares, Serie I - Timpani; Piano
19 Pièces Bulgares, Serie II - Timpani; Piano
19 Pièces Bulgares, Serie III - Timpani; Piano
20 Pieces for Snare Drum - Snare Drum
Cheerful Polka - Xylophone; Piano
Chepherd's and Horo - Xylophone; Piano
Contest & Recital Solos for Keyboard Percussion - Mallets
Curved Horo - Xylophone; Piano
Dance of the Ladi-Bird - Vibraphone; Piano
Danse Diabolique (Paliev) - Percussion Trio
Duo de Peaux, Series 1-6 - Percussion Duo
Duo de Peaux, Series 7-12 - Percussion Duo
Duo de Peaux, Series 13-18 - Percussion Duo
Duo de Peaux, Series 19-24 - Percussion Duo
Duo de Peaux, Series 25-30 - Percussion Duo
Duo de Peaux, Series 31-35 - Percussion Duo
Embroidery - Xylophone; Piano
Ensemble percussion duo no 5 - Percussion Duo
Excursion - Xylophone; Piano
Five Studies - Timpani
Flight to the Stars - Multiple Percussion
Folk Scenes - Percussion Sextet
Folk Suite for Solo Snare Drum - Snare Drum
Folklore Suite - Timpani
Four Pieces - Percussion Quartet
Impression - Percussion Trio
In the Mood (Paliev) - Multiple Percussion
Jeux pour trois - Percussion Trio
Kartini Ot Bulgaria (Pictures of Bulgaria) - Percussion Quartet
Kopanitza - Xylophone; Piano
March (Paliev) - Xylophone; Piano
Merry-go-round (Paliev) - Xylophone; Piano
Mirage (Paliev) - Vibraphone
Moods (Paliev) - Multiple Percussion; Piano
Pastoral and Lively Horo - Xylophone; Piano
Pictures from Strasbourg - Percussion Sextet
Piece (Paliev) - Xylophone; Piano
Pieces for Vibraphone by Bulgarian Composers - Vibraphone
Play (Paliev) - Vibraphone
Polka (Paliev) - Xylophone; Piano
Race - Xylophone; Piano
Reminiscence - Percussion Quartet
Reminiscences of Bulgarian Folk Melodies - Percussion Duo; Marimba; Vibraphone
Right Horo - Xylophone; Piano
Scenes from Bulgaria - Percussion Duo; Marimba; Vibraphone
Scherzo (Paliev) (Xylophone) - Xylophone; Piano
Scherzo (Paliev) (Trio) - Percussion Trio
Seven Pieces for Snare Drum with Piano - Snare Drum; Piano
Snowflake - Xylophone; Piano
Solo and Ensemble Pieces for Percussion by Bulgarian Composers - Multiple Percussion
Systematical Course for Snare Drum - Snare Drum; Piano
T-84 - Drum Set; Piano
Tarantelle (Paliev) - Xylophone; Piano
The Bright Bird - Xylophone; Piano
The Little Bear - Xylophone; Piano
The Old Valse - Vibraphone; Piano
The Wheel of Life - Percussion Sextet
Train - Xylophone; Piano
Trio (No 3) - Percussion Trio
Valse (Paliev) - Vibraphone; Piano

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