20 Etudes for Vibraphone

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Hein de Jong

General Info

Release year : 1997
Publisher : De Haske Publication
Level: Intermediate
Pages :36
Dimension : 23 × 30.5 cm
ISBN : 978-9-0732-5266-0
Cost : €17.99
Series: De Haske Percussion Series


This volume presents twently interesting and full-size studies for vibraphone players to practice technique and rhythm. During the last decade there have been enormous developments in the technical possibilities and playing methods of the vibraphone. Alongside this, much new and interesting music has been available to the advanced vibraphone player, making use of a variety of techniques. However, not much has been done for the beginner on the vibraphone, and it is for this group that the studies in this book are intended.

This book deals with the following techniques:
a. Stick of the pedal
b. Stick muting
c. Independence of the left and right hands
d. Changing from playing chords to melody with two sticks
e. Independent use of the sticks in one hand