De Haske Percussion Series

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The DE HASKE PERCUSSION SERIES collection consists of four methods in two volumes that will allow you to learn basic techniques in a fun and motivating context. The content is presented in a clear and precise manner. Each chapter opens with the presentation of a new rhythmic figure or combination followed by technical exercises. Along with the work of rhythm and fundamental techniques, the students will perform numerous pieces (solos, duets and canons) which will allow them to concentrate on musicality.

Method Books

Method for Timpani
Method for Snare Drum
Method for Mallets
Method for Drumset
Playin' Vibraphone
Programma-voorbeelden A
Programma-voorbeelden B
Programma-voorbeelden C
Programma-voorbeelden D
Learn & Play, Volume 1
Learn & Play, Volume 2
The Sound of Pop, Rock, Blues Volume 1
The Sound of Pop, Rock, Blues Volume 2
Rhythm & Rolls


10 Pieces for Drumset
Mallet Minded
Solo Pieces for Timpani
7 Solos for Marimba
13 Pieces for Mallets
21 Solos for Snare Drum
10 Solos for Percussion
Contemporary Solos For Multi Percussion
10 Solos for Snare Drum
Rhythms & Rolls


Jazz Vibraphone
15 Duets & Trios
Ragtime Rags
Tuno Per Dieci
Trinity (Gert Bomhof)
More Quartopus